Rich Ducks

CLUB X Curated
A collection of 10,000 Rich Ducks who ignore the fud, and stay stuffing those bags! Over 200 traits, and various forms of bling make each duck unique!
Collection curated in partnership with youtuber and musician XRPBagman. The Rich Ducks are a free mint triggered by holding a Bearable Bull NFT. Any remaining unclaimed supply will be available to the public via sale.
Rich Ducks will have its own future utility, events, and future branding led by the Moon Commander XRP Bags after the public minting is complete. There is no token, simply hold a Bearable Bull NFT to mint free, or be ready to snag one of the last ducks that may be available to the public during XLS20 minting!
Good to know: 10K Collection for the entire bag fam community. Also any new crypto enthusiast jumping into the game. We take you from paper hands to a 1% diamond hand Rich Duck!