Rich Ducks Crypto Club

Welcome to the Club
The premiere crypto club running on the XRP Ledger.
Our mission is to bring like minded people together who believe in blockchain/crypto and XRP. We want to bring everyone together to help build a brighter future.
Through crypto, music and community/family spreading wealth and good vibes. Just like XRP does by cutting out the middle man and relying on each other. A new decentralized way!
One of the first NFT projects to bring music utility to the XRPL.
We will help the newbs who FOMO into crypto and lead them the right way.
Island hopping and moon gazing. Metaverse parties, concerts, meetups, hangouts, listening parties!
Rich Ducks crypto club is a 3 NFT club. Rich Duck, Ledger City Ducks and the Lady Duck by LadyE.
The club represents the new 1% elites of the world and the meta verse.
Music, NFTs, Crypto
-Holding a Rich Duck NFT gives you access to the first tier
-Holding both a Rich Duck NFT & Ledger City Duck NFT gives you access to the 2nd bonus tier
-Holding a Rich Duck NFT, LCD NFT & Lady Duck NFT gives you access to 3rd bonus tier
"Building a More Sustainable, Scalable, and Accessible Future for NFTs with XRPL"
Runs on Ripple. XRP is a digital asset that’s native to the XRP Ledger—an open-source, permission-less and decentralized blockchain technology.​
The XRP Ledger does not require mining and the consensus process does not require multiple confirmations for immutability, which makes the
XRP Ledger faster and more efficient at processing transactions than Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies.